B-Logistics is a logistics service provider, specialised on challenging oversea relocations. Characterizing attribute of B-Logistics is the strong focus on premium service-packages. Whether seeking the appropriate residential areas, homes or finding a suitable school for your children, B-Logistics takes care of everything - wordwide and at any time. In this way customized overseas removals are implemented at a highly professional level.

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International Relocation

Especially removals that are going beyond national borders are very challenging. Many processes need to be coordinated. From finding the suitable transport option, the organization of the matching moving teams to customs declaration - everything must be performed smoothly. We are the perfect service provider for this. Each step will be fulfilled by us professionally and with very high quality awareness.

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National Removals

Do you move from Freiburg to Hamburg? Or maybe from San Francisco to Boston? Also national removals can be problematic. In particular, when a great distance must be overcome. Nevertheless, you do not have to worry because this is our daily business. Our 'Allround No-Worry Package' is of course also included for national removals.

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Europe-wide Removals

Looking for the right partner for European removals? We are the perfect provider for this. Whether from Paris to Berlin, Madrid to Budapest, Genoa to Istanbul or Munich to Dublin - we take care of everything, ensuring that your belongings reach the target unscathed. And all of that with our 'Allround No-Worry Package' being included.

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Overseas Removals

Overseas moves are our speciality. A variety of obstacles must be overcome. The total journey time is much longer compared to standard removals and in course of this all your belongings will be at high seas most of the time. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right relocation service provider. Rely on our expertise - rely on B-Logistics!

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The 'Allround No-Worry Package'


Our goal is to take as many steps as possible off your hands and thus to simplify the entire relocation process significantly.

Relocation Consulting

Which steps must be kept in mind? Which actions need to be performed first? Are there necessary steps waiting for me on the spot? There are many things to consider. We support you answering all open questions and also give recommendations. Some items for example have to be transported separately. In addition, customs regulations must be urgently met - always.


A nice and suitable home is essential for lasting well-being. Regardless of whether it is required for the short or long term. In order to provide and ease this for you, we cooperate with a global network of partners on the spot to find the perfect home for you. But of course, everything according to your defined requirements and demands.


The visa process is different in almost every country. Visa processes are mainly characterized by complicated and time-consuming duties. Which visa fits your needs the most? Do you even need a visa or something similar? We are happy to take care of all the open questions for you. Our help will simplify the whole process by summing up all important steps for you.

City Guides

Each city is unique. Even if the move is taking place in your home country, each city can be a positive, but also negative surprise. You are wondering which district in Rio de Janeiro is best suited for you? Or where the public transportation infrastructure fits optimally for your needs? We are offering suitable guides for you - all around the world.

Schools & Registration

Your children want to continue to be taught in their native language? In Bangkok? No problem! We arrange finding a suitable school and also take care about the registration process. Just name your requirements and needs and we will find the right solutions or at least good alternatives for you - providing all relevant information for you.

Culture Guidelines

Cultural differences can be serious. Did you know that the number 4 in East Asia is a synonym for death? Or that you should avoid showing the sole of your foot while sitting in Arab countries? Which dress code is appropriate? The list of No Go's is long and each culture has different. We will help you being prepared for specific code of behavior.

Language Courses

You want to improve your language skills of the local language? In many countries this is very important for everyday life because English for example is still neither spoken nor understood by most people around the world. Or do you just want to refresh your English skills a little bit? We can help finding suitable courses according to your requirements.

Social Guides

The challenge of socializing in a foreign country is mostly underestimated. Eventually you will have to leave your traditional social environment and then facing the challenge of creating a new one. With our help this whole step will be eased up a little bit. We use different channels, including various platforms where for example expats connect, to support the process of settling down properly.

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